Raise Company Profile - Potential customers may already be searching the internet for your website - not having an online presence gives the impression that your company is behind the times. Equally, having a website that is poorly designed or out-of-date creates a strong negative impression of your company. A professionally designed website can raise the profile of your company.

Cheap, Effective Marketing - Setting up and running a website represents in many cases a cheaper and more effective way of reaching new and existing customers, compared to traditional print marketing. A website is an incredibly useful means of collecting useful customer information. And opt-in email marketing can then be used to target your message to interested customers.

Enhanced Customer Service - A website can enhance your customer service by providing detailed information about your products or services. Frequently Asked Questions can be answered immediately without tying up your phone line. More complex inquiries can be emailed direct to your inbox. Customers are able to see your premises on a map. All this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - like having your own virtual salesperson.

Sell online - E-commerce can reduce the costs associated with traditional bricks and mortar retail, while at the same time increasing your company's customer base. Customers can buy from you 24/7.